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[14 Jan 2004|10:18pm]
yep. i snow day would be amazing

go snow GO!
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[01 Jan 2004|03:19pm]
Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a good one!
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[25 Nov 2003|08:39pm]
i've been sick since...oh yea forever! i'm still sick and the worst part is i can't go to the city on friday to see brand new!!! how much does that suck? yep thats the story of my life. i never have luck with anything. i hate it. i hate it. i hate it. i just want to cry looking at my icon. i really think i have mono but that would just suck too much so i hope i don't. but all i do is sleep. oh well.. only one more day until thanksgiving. thank god this school week is short. i wouldnt be able to handle it if it wasn't. today they played finding nemo in the commons. great movie! if you're reading this you can get me it for christmas ;) hehe oh and bruce almighty since it came out today. hehe thats all. umm i cleaned my room while i was sick. yes. i was THAT bored. haha well at least i can walk in it now. there isnt a pile of clothes coming out of the closet anymore. haha. wow theres only one month until christmas. one month!!! i better start shopping. oh wait don't you need money for that? yea that'd be a good idea. maybe i should get some of that first. i went to go tutor jackie and matt today and i got to their house and no one was home. i was like wtf? i'm trying to help you and you're wasting my time. so i lost like half and hour going and coming back and then i just came home and took a nap. thats seriously all i feel like doing. i dont know why im so tired. well im gonna go finish some homework. see ya later kids...
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[17 Nov 2003|03:40pm]
RIP Frankie Daniel Smokovic
February 2, 1986-November 14, 2003
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[10 Nov 2003|10:43pm]
hmmmm so i took home "baby think it over" this weekend. it's this doll that looks like a real baby that cries like every 3 hours and you have to stick a key in it for like 20 mins to make it stop crying. and it records if you let the head fall back or if you neglect it or if you abuse it. lol soooo annoying. anyway, tanya came over saturday and we all went to the wedding center for her to get measured for the dress. as soon as we got there the baby started crying. sooo i was holding the key in it and these ladies came up to me and were like "omg are you pregnant?" im like nooo. oh first they were like "oh that baby's head is really shiny" hahah then we went home and bobby and danielle came and so did robbie!!!! he is the cutest freaking kid in the world! he really is! so it was loads of fun to play with him. =) i love spending time with those people. but then i started feeling sick and had a really high fever so i went to sleep and i dont really remember the rest of the day. but i do remember having a great time with everyone and we deff have to all get together again soon. i felt bad that i wasnt really with everyone the whole day because we dont really see each other that often. the baby wasnt too bad that day. but saturday night and sunday it cried every 3 hours or less! holy crap! so annoying. the worst part was when it woke me up like 5 times during the night when i was trying to sleep and i had to sit there for 20 mins in the dark doing nothing i mean its not that hard. at least you dont have to feed it or change its diaper. its not at all like a real baby. but still annoying when it starts screaming when you're trying to sleep. at least thats over with. so all day sunday i basically slept again and felt like total crap. oh and watched like the whole "best of friends" tapes haha. best thing ever when you're feeling sick. =) i couldnt even go to church for the engaged couples mass =( i felt bad for donna and john. i had to go to school today because i had so many tests but at least i have tomorrow off. tonight was the induction ceremony for future educators of america. it was nice even though they said my name wrong and i sat in the wrong seat because i was handing out the programs and the teacher never told me where to sit. lol oh well. it didnt matter anyway. no one tripped going up the stairs and no one set anything on fire with the candles so it was all good. hehe. no but really it was nice and everyone seemed to have a good time. =)
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[02 Nov 2003|08:37pm]
this weekend was pretty good. halloween was fun. didnt do much in school. watched csi in chem. haha how cool is that? didnt eat that much candy tho =/ i had 3 pieces of candy from photo and i was going to family dynamics and i saw alexa, jasmine and briana so i gave them each a piece. oh well. i think we got like 2 trick or treaters this year. i went to tinas house friday night and tina, mango, and i all fell asleep watching a movie. tina and i went to get sized for the bridesmaid dresses saturday. and tatiana and valentina went the other day so as soon as the other girls go the dresses will be ordered. we had a fun filled day with isabella. ha not really. donna's birthday was today. people came over for dinner and stuff. i think she had fun. especially with her chocolate cake. hehe. i have off tuesday and im so excited cause i was supposed to babysit but the lady called before and said she didnt need me. i was like yesssssss! hehe so im happy. i have 2 tests tomorrow that im deff gonna fail. but i dont care cause its dbel's birthday, and you shouldnt have to study on her birthday...so im not. hah im listening to the new early november cd right now and its awesomeee! it really is. i love it! 26 days till brand new!!! or something like that! i cant waittttt =) its gonna be awesomeee! i <3 brand newwww
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[27 Oct 2003|08:52pm]
went to the city on saturday to help donna look for a headpiece for her wedding. she bought one and its sooo pretty. it matches her dress perfectly. she looked like a princess when she put it on. the other day it was exactly 7 months till her wedding. 7 MONTHS!! holy crap! i remember when it was 2 years away and now its only months away. its crazzzy. im so excited yet sad at the same time. im so happy for her and john but at the same time i know shes moving out and im gonna miss her like you wouldnt believe. but its for a good reason. weddings are happy occasions. so im not gonna think about that. i'll be driving by the time she gets married and shes not gonna live that far away so i'll still see her a lot. its just not going to be the same. =/ her birthday is sunday and so far i got her a watch that she wanted but i dont know what else to get her. she gets stuff for me all the time and i just want to repay her and get her something nice. i just dont know what...

woahh. i took my antibiotics that i had the other day that i never finished when i had a sinus infection because i felt like crap today and then i took tylenol sinus and now my whole room is spinning. that wasnt a good idea to take both. now i'm paying for it. yea i really dont feel right so im gonna go...
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[15 Oct 2003|05:09pm]
hmmm so i havent updated in a while. nothing new has happened. dad's birthday was sunday so people came over for dinner. it was fun. then i didnt have school monday. i had a doctors appointment and he said that i'm doing good and that i dont have to go back. i just have to do my exercises everyday. =/

pep rally is tomorrow so at least the periods will be shortened. they're doing it tomorrow because they're having crime stoppers come in and talk to us about the bomb threats on friday. haha. i think its pretty funny.

i went to sleep at 9:30 last night. its been a while since i've been to sleep that early. i was just so tired that i couldnt stay up. but i still don't feel any better. i could fall alseep right now.

school sucks. too much work. im doing bad in calculus and my spanish teacher sucks. went to chem extra help today after school. didn't help much. i just don't get it. but whatever...i really dont care. my chem teacher teaches forensics and she said she shows her class an episode of csi every friday so im definitely taking forensics next year.

speaking of csi, tomorrow's thursday!! new friends and csi! =) those are like the only shows that i watch on tv. yay for thursday!

the kids in family dynamics came in yesterday. i have kelly, the principle's daughter. she has red hair and shes adorable. she turns 2 in january so shes still really young and she doesnt really talk. but oh man she's so cute. they only come in once a week which sucks and the course is only half a year. =/ but thats okay

i have so much homework to do that i really dont feel like doing. thats why i just keep typingggg.


oh crap i gotta go take pictures for photo before it gets too dark. and i guess i should start doing my work...

see ya laterrr
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[01 Oct 2003|12:36pm]
im sick.
and bored.
and i'm dreading going back to school. i hate having to make up so much workkk. they expect too much from us.
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[28 Sep 2003|09:44pm]
went to the city with tina, mango and phil saturday. we walked around central park and had a real good time eating mangoes and whipped cream and playing spud. haha. then at night we went to the drive thru show. oh man. it was amazing. it really was. the early november, allister, senses fail, home grown and the starting line all kicked ass. especially the starting line. the ending was the best part. i love them so much. after that we had starbucks and pizza. it was yummy. then we went to mango's grandmas and played some games and such. it was lots of fun. the city is the best place to be. thennn we went to sleep and in the morning we went out for breakfast. after that we left the city and went back to long island where homework was waiting =/

donna and john came home last night from montreal. it didn't really feel like donna was gone at all but i'm glad shes back. people came over for dinner tonight and that was fun. danny fixed my laptop so now i can use it again. =) wow its so early but i'm so tired. we walked a lot yesterday and my feet still hurt. well this weekend was awesome and i had such a great time! =)
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[25 Sep 2003|04:13pm]
sooooo another bomb threat today. 3 bomb threats in 3 days. cuz thats normal! yea well they're really getting annoying now. today we were outside for like 3 hours sitting on the wet bleachers. it was so hot and so boring. we weren't allowed to use our cell phones again, which sucked. they checked all our lockers and found a lot of drug dealers haha and they checked every room. we were outside for 3 hours then we had to go back in school only using one door AND they checked all our bags. it took foreverrrr. besides the lunch periods, all the classes were so short. 8th period was 9 mins long. like what the hell can you do in 9 mins? just let us go homeeeeeeee. yea and i had lunch at 2 and of course there was no food left. we were only allowed to use the main entrance to leave today and also tomorrow morning. and they're checking our bags tomorrow too. they're prob gonna take away our lunch-leave and someone said they're gonna lock up our lockers so we can't use them so if there was another bomb threat they wouldn't have to spend so much time checking all the lockers. and someone else said we might not be able to take our cell phones to school anymore. it suckssss. it really does. it's like enough already. i don't even feel like going to school tomorrow. its supposed to rain so i'm really not in the mood to stand outside in the rain for hours. they closed the campus today so nobody was allowed in and nobody was allowed out. this one girl had her father come to school and they didn't let him take his daughter home. if you wanna freaking take you're kid home they can't stop you! at first i didn't care cuz i thought if there was a bomb threat i'd just walk home or call someone but they don't allow us to do that. i dont understand why? how is not letting you leave doing anything? i had english 1st period today and that was about it. the rest of the day was a waste. we did absolutely nothing. it's ridiculous. if there's another bomb threat tomorrow i'm not going to school til all of this stops.
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[24 Sep 2003|04:09pm]
so yesterday the toddlers were supposed to come in for the first time in family dynamics and i was so excited because my neighbor jasmine was coming in. so i get to class and some parents are coming in with the kids. then some teacher comes in our room and tells us there was a bomb threat and the kids have to leave. so the little kids went home and finally there was an announcement saying where we had to go and blah blah blah. they said there was a vague phone call made to 911 saying a bomb would go off in our school. we went into the auditorium for like 2 hours not allowed to do anything. if they saw us with a cell phone they would take it away. the freshman were all freaking out. it was pretty funny. haha. then finally they said the police checked the whole school (yea right they can't check every locker and every room in 2 hours) and we went back to our class. then the rest of the classes were like 20 mins long so i didnt have time to eat lunch and even if i did there is never any food left 7th period. so whatever. we're pretty much used to bomb threats. then i come to school today at like 7:40. i go to my locker and i start walking to the commons when the fire alarms goes off. so i go outside and i met carolyn there. so we were talking for a while then at like 8:05 they tell us to go back in. the principal said there was a message left in all the schools in our district saying a bomb would go off at 7:55. the elementary school kids got to go home and i think one of the middle schools did too. so it's not safe for them to be in school but its safe for northport high school students? and that is why i hate my school. yea, we've had so many bomb threats this year and last year and nothing ever happened but you never know when something bad really is going to happen and when it does it's going to be too late. so yea my school sucks but i can't do anything about that. i have school pictures either tomorrow or friday. not sure which day. i love it how no one tells you whats going on. i don't know what class its even going to be in. usually its english class which would be good for me since i have it 1st period but someone said its during social studies which i have 9th period. so with my luck it'll be 9th period on friday figuring i'll get all ready for it tomorrow. blahhhhhhhhh
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[20 Sep 2003|09:11pm]
hmmm the last time i updated i was babysitting and now i'm doing that again. that was the first day of school. you can tell i have no time. the kids finally went to sleep and now i'm trying to get some homework done. i have sooo much work to do this year. whoever said junior year is your hardest year is right. it's been 3 weeks and i already want summer to come back =/ i just want to run away somewhere and never come back. well next week i'm going to the city to see the starting line, the early november, senses fail, homegrown, and allister so that'll give me something to look forward to. at least something will get me through this week. i come home everyday from school and i'm like completely exhausted. i didn't feel this way last year. it's weird. my back still hurts and therapy isn't really working. it sucks. and babysitting and picking up kids all the time isn't exactly helping. well im gonna go do some work... yep on a saturday night =(
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[03 Sep 2003|09:17pm]
so i'm babysitting right now and the girl won't go to sleep! the baby was crying too before he went to sleep then he spit up on me and he was fine. hahah. just my luck. the girl was supposed to go to bed 2 hours ago. i tried EVERYTHING and she just won't listen. her mom just called and she said she'll be home around 10 so hopefully i'm gonna leave soon. kids can be so cute at times and then they can be so annoying when they don't listen. ahhhhhh!!!

well today was the first day of school. =/ not much to say. school's school. it sucks but what are ya gonna do? they changed almost all my classes and teachers so that was really annoying. oh and i had homework today. like real homework. i had math problems to do. on the first day of school! mannn, this is gonna be a fun year. i can't believe school started. i was sitting in class today and someone said it felt like we never left and thats so true. it didn't feel like it was just summer.

well i give up on the girl. she's just watching tv now. i'm gonna go. wish me luck! =/
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[01 Sep 2003|07:55pm]
another week away, my greatest fear. i need the smell of summer i need its noises in my ear

i don't want to go to schooooooooooooool.

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[01 Sep 2003|12:49am]
tina is the bestest person in the entire world and i <3 her soooooooooooo much

tina, i am so sorry. i love you so much and you know i'll always be here for you if you need me. i would do anything for you. you can always come to me. you know that...

i love youuuuuu <3
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[01 Sep 2003|12:17am]
so summers basically over. last night i went bowling with tina, mango, james and phil. last time before school starts. its so depressing. it really is. junior year is gonna be the hardest year so im really not looking forward to that. 2 days??? greatttt. where the hell did the summer go? it went by too fast. it felt like it was the fourth of july just yesterday. i did nothing this whole summer. its my last summer...forever. cuz after this im gonna be working...blahhh. today i went to johns house for sunday dinner. it was fun. at least it was a nice way to end the summer. tomorrow's september. and september should just die. kill yourself hahahah. oh man john, teresa and danny got that stuck in my head. well this weekend was fun and now its over. =/ from now on i'll be depressed every sunday. yay i'm so excited...
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[17 Aug 2003|11:40am]
thursday i was babysitting when the power went out. oh yes it was fun having no electricity with 2 screaming girls. but that night was fun. we had candles all over the house. my family actually talked to each other. lol. good times. then the power came back at 10:30 that night so it wasn't that bad.

friday donna's company didn't have any power so she didn't have to work! so she went with my mom and me to bring casey to the animal hospital for another x-ray. but they still couldn't tell what was wrong with him. the doctor said it's not an emergency so we left and when we got outside casey peed a lot of blood and we got freaked out so we went back in and set up an ultrasound so we could tell exactly whats wrong with him. so we left him there. then donna and i went and helped my mom at work. then we got tina and had lunch and such. of course ONLY northport lost power AGAIN so we waited a while but the doctor said to just pick casey up and do the ultrasound on monday. sooo now we have to wait..

saturday we were supposed to go the city but with the whole power loss we didn't go. john and melissa came over with melissa's new car. oh man it's sooo nice. she deserves it! we all had dinner then i went home with tina and we went to the movies with mengo, james and phil. we wanted to see freddy vs. jason but the people were being gay so we ended up seeing S.W.A.T. but i liked it a lot. umm there's like 17 days left till school? i think. i really don't wanna go back. like at the end of every summer i kinda wanna go back but not this year. it went by toooo fast. well i'm gonna go take a showerrrr. byee
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[08 Aug 2003|11:40pm]
this week was...umm...fun to say the least

hehehehe =)
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[02 Aug 2003|10:31pm]
havent updated in like forever so here i go... tanya, bobby, danielle, franko and oh yes baby robbie came over tinas house last sunday. man that kid is too cuteee. we swam and ate corn and had fun. haha then tanya slept over. umm monday i really dont remember. uhh oh yea i think i had to go to the back doctor. blah. i have to get x-rays. =( then we went to ruby tuesdays. i woke up early tuesday cuz i went to the city. i went to the wax museum in time square with kristen and it was soooo cool. took lots of pics and i got them back and they came out really good. so after that i went back to tinas house and we all made bags. then on wednesday? ummm no clue i really dont remember. maybe thats the day we walked to sears and best buy? sounds good. oh yea we went to walmart which has everthing and i mean everything in it. i got a blanket with duckies because im that cool. then tina and tanya came over my house and slept over that night. thursdayyy i dont remember again. yea total blank. oh yea dentist. enough said. well that night we went to northport village and that was fun even tho all the stores close at 8. we played friends trivia and watched donna's sweet 16 video and her confirmation and bobby and danielles wedding video. that was pretty funny stuff. friday we went to the shack and had yummy cheeseburgers. then at night we went bowling with mango and oh yes we fun bowled. then mango slept over tinas house and we played phase ten and watched american pie 2 so it was all good. i gained like 324637846 pounds this week and got very little sleep but it was lotss of fun. tanya left today =( i miss her. it was lots of fun having her here. i had corinnes party today. it was fun. saw lots of people that i havent seen from school so it was nice. i was in the hot tub most of the time. it felt sooooo good. she got a yorkie and it is soooooooooo cute. i wanted to steal it but i forgot at the end. hmm maybe next time. i talked to kelly and that was fun. i havent seen her since school and i havent talked to becky or stacey either. we have to get together and have an 8th period reunion. haha. i better have some classes with those girlies or i think i will cry. so yea it was fun and im still all wet. i need to go to sleep cuz im so tired. and companys coming over tom so that means i cant sleep that late and i have to clean my room. =( well at least it got me out of babysitting which is always a good thing. i cant believe its already august. someone shoot me now. please. so that was my week or at least what i could remember.
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