mely (luvablepunkgirl) wrote,

this week to say the least

hehehehe =)
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u were affected by the blackout right? what time did u get yours back?what did u do?!!!!!!!
yea we got power back at 10:30pm. it was kinda fun tho. we had candles all over the place. my family and i just sat around and actually talked to each other. lol. we made grilled cheese using a flash light. haha. we had fun. when did you get ur power back?
well mines came back at 6:30 pm on friday and i was bored out of mind lol i was reading books,playing wiht candles wax and doing word searchs....i had alot of food though so my mom did cook the stuff cause she didnt want them to,chicken,pancakes yay all good just the boredom factor was horriable
haha aww. yea it can get pretty boring without a computer or a tv. but at least all of that is back! so it's all good =)
yes yes thanks GOD! i was like so happy when it came back dat i did a lil dance all around the house and my mom thought i was nutty but hey dats ok lol
hahahahaha =)