mely (luvablepunkgirl) wrote,

so i'm babysitting right now and the girl won't go to sleep! the baby was crying too before he went to sleep then he spit up on me and he was fine. hahah. just my luck. the girl was supposed to go to bed 2 hours ago. i tried EVERYTHING and she just won't listen. her mom just called and she said she'll be home around 10 so hopefully i'm gonna leave soon. kids can be so cute at times and then they can be so annoying when they don't listen. ahhhhhh!!!

well today was the first day of school. =/ not much to say. school's school. it sucks but what are ya gonna do? they changed almost all my classes and teachers so that was really annoying. oh and i had homework today. like real homework. i had math problems to do. on the first day of school! mannn, this is gonna be a fun year. i can't believe school started. i was sitting in class today and someone said it felt like we never left and thats so true. it didn't feel like it was just summer.

well i give up on the girl. she's just watching tv now. i'm gonna go. wish me luck! =/
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