mely (luvablepunkgirl) wrote,

i've been sick since...oh yea forever! i'm still sick and the worst part is i can't go to the city on friday to see brand new!!! how much does that suck? yep thats the story of my life. i never have luck with anything. i hate it. i hate it. i hate it. i just want to cry looking at my icon. i really think i have mono but that would just suck too much so i hope i don't. but all i do is sleep. oh well.. only one more day until thanksgiving. thank god this school week is short. i wouldnt be able to handle it if it wasn't. today they played finding nemo in the commons. great movie! if you're reading this you can get me it for christmas ;) hehe oh and bruce almighty since it came out today. hehe thats all. umm i cleaned my room while i was sick. yes. i was THAT bored. haha well at least i can walk in it now. there isnt a pile of clothes coming out of the closet anymore. haha. wow theres only one month until christmas. one month!!! i better start shopping. oh wait don't you need money for that? yea that'd be a good idea. maybe i should get some of that first. i went to go tutor jackie and matt today and i got to their house and no one was home. i was like wtf? i'm trying to help you and you're wasting my time. so i lost like half and hour going and coming back and then i just came home and took a nap. thats seriously all i feel like doing. i dont know why im so tired. well im gonna go finish some homework. see ya later kids...
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